I thoroughly enjoyed Child of Light from start to finish. The art is jaw dropping, the music is fantastic, and the core gameplay is deep and rewarding. The story leaves a bit to be desired, mostly because of the strange decision to make all of the dialog rhyme (more on that later), but it doesn't ruin the game at all and is relatively entertaining. The game is a joy to control, and after you acquire Aurora's flight ability, it is enjoyable to just fly around the beautifully crafted world and just take in the scenery. The game progresses rather linearly, but there is some room for exploration and returning to already visited places to finish side quests. I enjoyed the battle system, which rewards strategy and timing, and also the oculi crafting, which is a way to customize your character's weapons with a basic item that you craft from things you pick up in the world or loot from defeated enemies.

I think that the decision to make all of the dialog in the game rhyme was a HUGE mistake on the part of Ubisoft. After a while, it became so tiresome that I would basically just skip the dialog sequences most of the time. The rhyming felt so forced and fake and was really not a good way to tell a coherent story. I'm also not a fan of the fact that you are only allowed to use 2 characters at any one time. Granted, you can swap them out mid-fight very easily, but it felt like a waste to have a huge stable of characters, and only be able to use 2 at a time, especially when you are fighting 3 enemies at once sometimes. If the enemies can have 3, why can't I? It made me go almost the entire game not really using most of the characters that were in my party.

All in all, Child of Light is very enjoyable and a great showcase of wonderful art and music. Rhyming blunder aside, the game is definitely worth a purchase.