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Child of Light

Take A Tour Of The Mythical World Of Lemuria

Ubisoft's upcoming watercolor-inspired platforming RPG looks better every time we see it. Get a glimpse of this fairy, gnome, and dragon filled world in the game's newest trailer.

For more about the trailer below, check out the trailer's making of video to learn about the music and how Ubisoft partnered with performance group Cirque Du Soleil to improve the design.

Child of Light will release on April 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • Most beautiful game of the year.

  • The game looks beautiful, but the music really sells it. If the music is this good throughout, I'll buy it just for that.

  • I usually don't care about visuals as much as other things, but this game has sold me with its look. I know I will enjoy just walking around in this game as much and probably more than any other part of it.

  • Generally I don't give a crap for Indies but this one deserves a 2nd look.
  • Between this and transistor next month, I couldn't ask for more!
  • Man, I can watch these trailers for a while. This game looks so good. I have a feeling it could be up there around the top for my GOTY list.

  • Count me interested, but here's to hoping that they'll release a playable demo of some sort to help me decide. It surely is beautiful as hell but I'm not yet sure whether I'll like it gameplay-wise and have the interest to actually finish it (yes, I've had my share of Steam sales).

    And didn't they btw say that *all* games would have a demo on the PS4 when they first introduced us to the console? So far I've seen only a handful of them, which is kinda disappointing.

  • My word, this game looks amazing. all the different pieces coming together so smoothly and artfully... makes my jaw drop every time I see more of it. I sure hope that it one day pops on over to the Vita, as that seems to be tho only device that I seem to have time to game with these days...

  • good god yes this looks amazing!!! But does anyone know if it will get a physical release, or is it only to download from the PSN, ect?

  • Soo Good.

  • Oh yes.