Catherine is a very unique and entertaining experience but very hard and frustrating too.

The main reason I like Catherine is because of it's story.It's story is about how men are dying under mysterious circumstances and their dead bodies are found on their bed and their faces show an expression that those men were horrified about something right before they died.The main character in the game is named Vincent.He's a 32-year-old man who enjoys the simple life of hanging out with his friends and drinking with them at their favorite bar after a hard day's work and he's been in a relationship with his girlfriend named 'Katherine' for 5 years and he likes the way things are with her but she's pushing for them to get married and he doesn't know if he wants to be tied down by the responsibilities of being a husband and father just yet.

He meets another beautiful woman named 'Catherine' at the bar and she seduces him and he wakes up to her the next morning and she's naked.Vincent can't remember what him and her did together but he believes he has cheated on Katherine.Right after Vincent met Catherine,everytime he falls asleep he has these dreams where he must climb to the top of a tower and avoid obstacles and demons and he must do so before the tower collapses and it turns out Vincent can die in these dreams.He encounters other men in these dreams who are all men who've cheated on their girlfriends/wives but these men look like sheep and they too must climb these towers and they can also die in these dreams.

Catherine likes to come to Vincent's apartment a lot to do naughty stuff with him and she believes Vincent and her are in a relationship and she threatens to kill herself or him if he cheats on her or leaves her,which is why Vincent doesn't want to tell Catherine he already has a girlfriend and which is why he's afraid to break up with her.It also causes problems when Vincent and Katherine are in public together or when Catherine is at Vincent's apartment or vise versa because Vincent doesn't want Katherine and Catherine to find out about eachother.This can create some tense story situations when Catherine calls/texts Vincent when he is with Katherine or when Katherine comes over when Catherine is in Vincent's apartment.

The story reveals piece by piece why these cheating men keep being put into these nightmares and tries to make you guess does Catherine really love Vincent or does she have other motives? The story does a good job of creating a chilling atmosphere because you'll hear people talking about rumors they've heard in relation to bad things happening to people who cheat on their partner.

I like Vincent as a character because he is not a hero or necessarily a good guy or a true villain,he's just an average,hard working guy who is capable of cheating on his girlfriend and just wants to be able to hang out with his friends nearly everynight after a hard day's work to eat/drink with them and he finds himself in the situation where he has to decide whether he's ready for the commitment of being a husband/father or does he want to be free.

What also makes the story interesting and the possible story routes you can take interesting are the different morals of Katherine and Catherine.

Katherine represents order.She tries to change Vincent and wants him to learn how to control his spending and learn to be responsible and be more committed to her.However,she even goes to the extent of controlling Vincent's finances and yells at Vincent a lot because of little reasons such as she doesn't like his honest responses/feelings about certain issues or because she can be impatient at times.Katherine has a serious personality.

Catherine represents freedom.She said she doesn't want to be tied down by marriage and she likes herself and Vincent being able to have their freedom under one condition,he must not cheat on her(she still wants them to be an exclusive couple)but she wants herself and Vincent to be able to spend as much or as little time together as they please.Catherine has a cheerful personality and she giggles a lot and talks in a flirtatious/naughty manner.

However,despite how cheerful and bubbly Catherine is,the game does a good job of giving Catherine a certain aura that makes you not sure whether Vincent should trust her or not because she threatened to kill herself or Vincent if they broke up and she talks in a way and gives certain facial expressions that look both cute but perhaps like that of someone who's a bit crazy or maybe even psychotic and also because Catherine is very mysterious and Vincent doesn't know much about her.

Vincent's friends and the people who hang out at the bar everynight are quite interesting.Some of Vincent's friends think marriage and commitment is a good thing,some of Vincent's friends don't like the idea of being tied down by marriage and encourage Vincent to cheat on Katherine.Vincent's friends talk just like real people about real life stuff.A flirtatious waitress who flaunts/talks about her cleavage works at the bar but she can have some intelligent moral opinions to say and she acts like she cares about Vincent and she has a personality.The other characters in the bar are interesting because you can learn some interesting/shocking things about them,even from the cop who hangs out at the bar.

As for the gameplay,the game plays mostly like a puzzle game with some social/life sim elements and the social/life sim elements affect the route your story takes(I will talk about that later though).

The puzzle elements take place inside the nightmares.You must climb collapsing towers by moving blocks.You can push/pull blocks.You can jump onto blocks that are no more than a single block high.Blocks attach to other blocks when their edges touch.Some blocks have ice on them and you can slide across them and fall off the edge of them to your death.You can avoid sliding on ice blocks by dropping onto them after you cling to the edge of another block.You can cling to the edge of blocks and manuever horizonally but not vertically and you can only drop down on blocks underneath you after you cling to a block.Because the towers are collapsing from underneath them you can't climb the towers too slowly or you fall to your death if you get caught on part of a tower that collapses.

The tower climbing might sound simple and at first it is but the boss stages are very hard because huge bosses will chase you when you're trying to climb the tower which means you'll need to climb the tower very quickly and you'll need to find shortcuts by moving the blocks in certain way to create shortcuts because the bosses can kill you instantly by squashing you like a bug if they get close to you or they can kill you by making you fall off the edge of the blocks you're standing on/clinging to by sending tornadoes at you or making big pieces of sharp ice drop from above you and some of the bosses can inflict annoying status effects that reverse the controls.Even on easy difficulty,the boss levels are very challenging and be prepared to die many,many times on boss levels and to get frustrated and don't feel ashamed to play this game on easy difficulty.Also,when the bosses do special attacks such as tornado or ice attacks,it's hard to dodge them unless you can find a block to get under(which won't always be present).It can be annoying when you move just one block incorrectly and it prevents you from being able to take a shortcut up the tower during a boss stage and you end up dying,and you'll need to constantly find these shortcuts when doing boss levels.

It's a shame the boss battles are so hard because the tower puzzles use a very intelligent/intricate puzzle gameplay style.The tower puzzles that don't have boss battles are quite fun because of the intricate style of puzzle gameplay they have.You'll need to think many steps ahead before you move blocks or you can find yourself stranded and unable to progress up the tower if you make certain blocks you need fall off the tower or if you make certain blocks you need become stuck.On the easy difficulty you can redo up to a certain number of block moves prior to your last block move,which can make the non-boss tower puzzles easy but it doesn't stop the boss tower puzzles from being hard because even if you undo moves it doesn't undo the progression a boss makes when it's chasing you because undoing block moves doesn't make you go back in time,it just means you can undo and redo block movements incase you've made yourself stranded.

I enjoyed the gameplay segments that involve hanging out at the bar and talking to your friends(while drinking with them)and talking to the other people at the bar,because like I said before,the people in the bar are interesting and talk about real life stuff and seem just like real people with their own individual personalities and morals.

The longer you spend in the bar,the more likely you'll receive text messages from Katherine and Catherine.You can choose how to respond to these messages(whether it's in a positive or negative way)and it affects the order vs chaos meter(I'll explain the order vs chaos meter a bit later on).When you talk to other people in the bar,the way you answer what they say affects order vs chaos meter.As you probably guessed,the people in the bar will talk about personal problems or moral values and the type of moral value/lifestyle preference you lean towards in your answer will affect the order vs chaos meter too.The chaos side of the meter isn't necessarily an evil thing(despite how the game portays it).Choosing to say things that represent chaos can simply mean you choose to say something that stated you don't want to be tied down by getting married.But sometimes chaos choices can involve doing/saying things that are evil or what many people would say are morally wrong,such as saying


you aren't sure if you're going to take responsibility for the child you've made with Katherine


or by responding to Catherine's text messages in a way that shows her you like her or by responding to Katherine's text messages in a cold way.In between tower puzzles when you're in some sadistic,torture chamber looking environments,you can talk to other men/sheep who will talk to you about morals or will talk about how they're scared and how they think they'e going to die and how you answer them or whether you try to comfort them or act cold to them will affect the order vs chaos meter.Also,some of the moral questions you're asked or the moral related things people bring up are not black and white and you can choose something that you believe is not wrong but it will represent chaos.

The order vs chaos meter affects which routes the story will take and what type of ending you will get.There's 8 different endings that I know of.

There's also an interesting online feature that shows you what other human players selected for moral questions after you answer a moral question.

The bar has some relaxing music and it's a relaxing environment and you can change the music in the bar from a juke box and you can play an arcade game in the bar.

The game has a nice artstyle.It's cel shaded and mature looking.The game has nudity and flaunts women's breasts and buttocks at you.The waitress(named Erica)isn't ashamed to flaunt her cleavage at you by having many buttons on her shirt undone and you'll see Catherine naked in bed or in naughty photos she sends you(when I say she's naked she isn't 100% naked but mostly naked).Even when Catherine wears clothes she'll wear something such as a low cut dress that's very tight(and Catherine is very busty and has a tight body)or she might wear a tight t-shirt.

In the tower puzzles,the atmospheres have a nice dark and morbid feel but I like how the blocks are sometimes bright colors and some of the demons are bizarre creatures and I like how you'll see other men(sheep)falling to their deaths as they try to climb puzzles and some of the bosses look psychologically disturbing such as how one of them is a giant baby or other giant abominations.When you get crushed by blocks falling on you or crushed from a boss you'll see Vincent's body get literally crushed and lots of blood.

The area in between the tower puzzles is interesting because it looks somewhat like a torture chamber area near a church style building.The way the men are laying down or look traumatized adds to the sadistic atmosphere.I like how the men talk about the bad things they've done to their girlfriends/woman and it makes the game have a unique showcase of morality.

Even though Vincent doesn't look completely like a sheep to the human player,he looks like a sheep to the other men and Vincent tell has ram horns and in his dreams his wearing just boxers and carrying a pillow.Vincent will even talk about how he feels cold when he climbs the tower puzzles that have a lot of ice on them.

Some of the characters flirt a lot(not necessarily Vincent)but some of his friends flirt with Erica and you'll hear them say sexual innuendo.

The game has some nice anime style FMV scenes to show story scenes.I like how in some of the anime scenes you'll see the dead bodies of the men who have died in their dreams and they expression on their faces that shows how horrified they were before they died is creepy.

The voice acting is good for the most part with the exception of the occasional annoying voice.

Overall,Catherine is an entertaining game because of it's great story,morality meter,intricate puzzle gameplay and social/life sim elements but the fact it's hard takes away quite a bit of the fun factor.I think a problem with the puzzle tower gameplay is the non-boss tower puzzles are too easy so the developers made the boss tower puzzles insanely hard to stop people breezing through the game.