I rented this game due to all the hype, but I hadn't really expected it to be any good.  Funny thing, that.  Turns out that it is.


Listed concisely, here's why:

Style.  If you don't love the game by the end of the intro, you just suck.

Great puzzles and difficulty!  I tried it on hard initially but had to restart on normal around the 4-hour mark after conceding that my skills weren't yet sufficiently developed.

Story that's amusing for all the main character's idiocy.  It had me thinking "no, no.  don't say that.  omg!" while I played it.  I count my involvement in the character dialog being a good thing.  If the story were simply bad, i just wouldn't care what was being said.

Good music. Mostly.  I really hated that techno-defilement of Chopin's revolutionary Etude as well as whatever was in the clock tower. 



An obvious exploit to get gold score on normal difficulty.

Very hard to see -- much less control -- the character when he's behind blocks.  The game needed to show his outline through the blocks and make the controls not reverse when he's at certain angles.  These easily-remedied problems are very significant, and they're probably all that kept me from giving it a 10.