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Stray Sheep

Catherine is an odd game about cheating and climbing and sheep?  SO the premise of this game is about men being punished for cheating by having nightmares where you have to climb blocks or fall to your death.  Its a challenging game for sure and even the easy difficulty is pretty punishing.  Your character is Vincent Brooks a lazy slob who cheats on his long time girlfriend with a girl with the same name and that's about as complex as it gets.  There are 8 endings, but all the cut scenes are almost identical. The game is worth it for the challenge, but not much else.  The controls are decent, but sometimes you move further than you intend.  As for the sounds you will get incredibly tired of the sound of a ticking clock.

  • I agree with most of this. I was excited before it came out, and now that I have it and played through once, I'm glad I didn't play full price. It's story is well done and I love the cut scenes. But you're right about how you move farther than you intend and oh my gosh, the bell sound when you're on the landings gets extremely annoying.

    I played halfway through on normal and it was getting super difficult, and changed the difficult to easy after the 4th night. Then it seemed to be pretty casual playing from there on out.

    One of the coolest things in the game, I think is how it gives you facts about the different drinks every night at the bar. Overall a good puzzle game though.