Basically, and briefly, as I age (nearly 40) I am truly growing tired of my favorite pastimes inability to keep me interested. Once in a while something comes along that while not triple A in gameplay, is presented in such a unique and trend bucking way that my imagination is once again captured. My longing to return home at the end of a hard day to retreat into a game restored. This is such a game. The presentation is refreshing, the story engaging, and the gameplay just enough to keep me coming back.

The above may not seem like enough to rate a game at 9.0, but I am so disinterested in fighting my way through wave after wave of enemies, collecting animal skins for that daily quest, and loosing a match to a button masher that by the time my day winds down, and I finally get a moment to myself, the last thing I want to do is a chore. And to me most modern games have become just that. A chore. Catherine for some reason breaks that cycle. This game is the anti yearly franchise release, and for anyone who is looking for something genuinely different and not afraid to follow a different path, this is just the time waster you may have been looking for.