let me start out by saying that im not a puzzle  person, that said i liked the game a lot  even with the increasing difficulty  starting to feel lie an ex girlfriend with your nuts in her hand slowly turning you into a screaming little girl. the game has it's fun points and even get's addictive in some areas but the best part of the game of course was the interaction between you and everyone at the bar, chatting, texting and making choices that effect his later in game actions, i finished the game on the "good" karma side and it kind of felt like i got  let down a little , not to sound selfish or whiny but the game had a 3 or 4 min ending to offer me after LIKE 35+ HOURS!!.All small talk aside the game has a very good challenge for anyone who want's to test it ,the other friends at the sheep bar are cool and last but not least catherine is such a friggin tease *SPOILER ALERT THIS WILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IT *  the fact that she was a succubus made sense to me i just wish for the m rating they pushed the bar up a little higher , the fact is they could have gotten away with a boob here and there i mean the dropped the f-bomb like 100 times and said $h!t more times than i could count but no boob's or sex, rent this game first especially if your a horny teen because it's going to let you down in that department, 3 out of 5 stars here.