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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Meet (And Defeat) The Toymaker In This Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Gameplay Clip

As  Lords of Shadow nears release, Konami and developer Mercury Steam are moving away from trailers, and instead offering gameplay footage. The newest video introduces the Toymaker and showcases the ensuing boss fight.

The nearly nine-minute clip shows a boss battle and the cutscenes that occur before and after it. In the clip, Gabriel Belmont and The Toymaker make reference to The Mirror of Fate – an important object from the 3DS Lords of Shadow game that released last year.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 27. For more on the game, check out our extensive hands-on coverage, some recent behind the scenes videos, as well as a break-down of all of Dracula's vampiric powers. You can also check out the game's most recent trailer, here.

You can also read our review of Castevania: Lords of Shadow 2 in the latest digital issue of the magazine, which subscribers can read here.

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  • He should have dranked his ass!

  • Very much looking forward to this one. Loved Lords of Shadow and I'm counting on Mercury Steam fixing the issues it had with this part.

  • HIM! That little runt caused me plenty of trouble in Mirror of Fate. The cyborg demon, all those puppet enemies, and more than half the traps in the castle seem to come from him. I will enjoy this more than I probably should.

  • I need to finish the first game still. I'll still pick this up, but won't play it until I've completed the first one. This one looks awesome though.

  • Looks better then the first game I think so far.
  • Why is it that every toy constructor has to be crazy in games?
  • I thought it would be Santa...I'm disappointed.

  • They chose a really sequence to pull you into the game

  • I never played the 1st game, but with this collector's Ed. I will purchase this for sure Doods!!!!!

  • I'm just now playing through the first one but so far I'm really liking it; not sure if I wanna get the DLC though. Anyone have an opinion on their quality and if they're worth it?
  • Can't wait for this. It's been so long since that insane ending in LOS1.

  • looks really cool

  • The wait is killing me.

  • This game looks insanely hard!!!!

  • Never played mirrors of fate. Should i before playing LoS2?

  • Prior to his transformation, Toymaker sounded a lot like Jester from Devil May Cry 3. I wonder if they share the same voice actor.

  • What no, why is chubby stubby Vash crying? I like him he's nice,I mean all in all I'm glad he's okay but I don't like to see him sad... should I watch a play through of the mirror of fate to understand this?

  • day 1 game...still replay the 1st one...

  • Wow, so delightfully strange. In monstrous form, how like an Atlantean Boss/ Joker/ Roy Batty hybrid; in the end, so much more equal parts Oswald Cobblepot meets Jeremy Hilary Boob.