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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Composer Publishes Dracula's Theme Online

Oscar Araujo, the man behind the music of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and its sequel, recently posted a YouTube video offering the entirety of Dracula's Theme in Lords of Shadow 2.

You can check out the full theme below, an appropriately melancholy tune for the Prince of Darkness.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is releasing February of next year. For more on Castlevania, and specifically on Dracula, check out our interview with Robert Carlyle, the actor portraying Dracula in Lords of Shadow 2.

[Via: NeoGAF]

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  • Old Friend....

    I am so pumped for this game. I have NEVER been excited for a game with lackluster gameplay, its just that I love the story, music and environment. I love vampires too and I'm a sucker for the fallen hero story angle. Clearly.
  • The first had incredible music, and it's probably one of the top things I'm looking forward to in the sequel.

  • I have watched the trailer several times. Each time I get chills hearing this with the incredible visual's on screen. The name that is Castlevania stirs up my gaming craving like no other. My favorite series. Can not wait to play this.
  • So good, I loved hearing this in the trailer and I'm glad it was released. LoS2 is probably my most anticipated game of next year.

  • Christmas to my ears

  • While I loved, loved, LOVED Lords of Shadow, the soundtrack is by far it's weakest link. It's extremely well-produced, but then again, most western music is... it doesn't change the fact that it's bland & unmemorable.

    Not only does it fail to live up to any melodies composed (orchestrated OR chiptune) for previous games like Symphony of the Night, Lament of Innocence, Circle of the Moon, Rondo of Blood, Bloodlines, Super Castlevania IV, etc. But it also fails to pay any fanservice to the musical legacy that has come before it, save for a very, VERY subtle nod to the classic theme in the musicbox stage. SO MUCH of Lords of Shadow paid homage to, and re-imagined the horror concepts from the pre-Symphony titles & the Gothic romance elements from the post-Symphony games... it's just weird that the music was the only element that said, "I'm gonna do my own thing!", and then didn't do anything as well as what had come before it.

    This just sounds like more of the same. Beautifully produced, but forgettable background noise. It underscores certain moments of the games AT BEST, it doesn't accentuate or help drive the action. That's a shame. For most other franchises, this would be great. But for Castlevania, it's just not as good as it needs to be.
  • LoS has one of my favorite soundtracks from this generation.

    There were a lot of times where I'd be failing miserably but I wasn't even mad since it gave me an opportunity to soak up the game's awesome score.

    I'm particularly fond of Belmont's theme and the titan music.

  • I hope that they release a "collectors edition" with the soundtrack included. I get for the first game and I enjoyed it.

  • got dem chills

  • wow, that's one POWERFULL theme song. love it!

  • Just finished playing the first game a couple of weeks ago and can't wait for the sequel!

  • Played LoS for the first time in PC. What an amazing game!. Can't wait for LoS2!. The music kicks arse!.

  • great music

  • Love this track, can't wait to hear some more. I've been meaning to play through LoS again...

  • Awesome. Gonna go listen to "The Titan" now.

  • Cant wait for this game, you get to play as Dracula how awesome is that.

  • I have a question about the first LOS, hows the gameplay? I'm intrigued by the story, where it takes place and the creatures you fight but I just want an honest opinion about the game?