Jeff's review covered a lot of it, but having played the demo (and only the demo), I have a fair taste of what this game is like. Dodge/attack a swarm of enemies while navigating a level trying to reach some silly goal. 

The controls are ridiculous, I never knew when to block, attack, which weapon to attack with, how to replenish health, etc. I can only imagine that upgrading the weapons leads to even more confusing combos. The layout feels haphazard, not natural, mostly frustrating. Having to move the camera around while mastering these buttons adds to the confusion. 

The graphics, frankly, look muddy. Nothing looks sharp or visually stunning. Again, I've only played the demo, but if it's indicative of the rest of the game, bleh. 

Really unfortunate, but frankly not surprising. I didn't like the first reboot either, but at least the first several levels were greatly entertaining. This just feels tedious. I wish that in 2014, game developers would not rely on hordes of enemies and button mashing, calling it "gameplay".