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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Trailer and Screens

Konami is bringing an all-new Lords of Shadow adventure to the Nintendo 3DS. At E3, the company released a new trailer and screens, as well as some information about the game.

Mirror of Fate is set 25 years after the events of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The story revolves around the descendent of of Gabriel Belmont, Trevor Belmont. However, Konami says you'll play as multiple characters throughout the game, gaining new abilities that are handed down to each character as you go.

From what we've seen, the game will definitely be among the best-looking 3DS titles so far.

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  • Loved the first one and this one is looking pretty awesome so far. I don't have a 3DS so I guess I'll be missing out on this version though.
  • Wow, loved the first one. Hope the SECOND is just as good.

  • It looks like it plays kinda God of War-ish, which kinda annoys me, not gonna lie. But w/e. Will the plot make sense without having played the original?
  • Ok, next
  • This actually looks like a new 2D game with 3D sprites and effects. SWEET

  • Damn, I really love stylized looking games.

  • I love how Konami is restoring the glory and lineage of greatness that has been all but forgotten in recent years (The 2D DS titles have been hit or miss for me) to the proud Castlevania franchise.  Now if only they could do the same for Silent Hill...

  • sounds like robb stark

  • I'd be happier with a straight 2-d title, but I'll still give it a try

  • Hmm looks interesting...but sadly like most people, I also dont have a 3DS
  • 25 years... sounds interesting.

  • Is it just me or does this look a bit generic? Also I'm not digging the cel shaded cutscenes, if that's in fact what those scenes are.

  • I'll be trading my Vita for a 3ds as soon as I get to finish Gravity Rush.
  • Is that Robb Stark? O_o
  • Anyone else not a fan of 2.5D, I want a classic 2D sprite version of the game that the Nintendo line has become famous for.
  • sure, the Vita is more powerful than 3DS, but not by much at all, lol. this game looks like an XBOX 360 game.

  • I loved LOS so much, I might just buy a 3DS for this one.  

  • This game looks awesome. I am definitely getting this.

  • Hells yeah now I'll have another reason to play my 3DS aside from Revelations