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  • Blog Post: Battling Satan’s Forces As The Prince Of Darkness

    Last time we got our hands on MercurySteam’s Lords of Shadow 2, Dracula defended his castle against an army of holy knights. By the time this short demo concluded, the Belmont-turned-vampire had destroyed a gigantic holy robot and bested a golden-winged warrior. Konami has supplied us with the... More
  • Blog Post: A Great Evil Rises In The Continuation Of Gabriel’s Story

    Anyone who’s played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was likely in awe of the memorable conclusion, and as such is anticipating the twin DLC packs that will bridge the narrative gaps between the game's ending and epilogue. The first download – Reverie – is slated to release on March... More
  • Blog Post: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Review

    Vampires surround Gabriel Belmont with hisses and bared fangs, lusting after his blood as he waits for the gate to slowly open. Sticky, pale skin clings to their gangly bones and huge tattered bat wings beat as they encroach. Gabriel swings his barbed chain whip widely, rending their flesh and repelling... More
  • Blog Post: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Feels Like God Of War Lite

    The new Castlevania game has been high on my most anticipated games list since it was revealed last E3. Konami finally allowed me to get my hands on the game, and I got to play enough to get a good idea of how the story and combat fit into the experience. Is this the game that will revive Castlevania... More
  • Blog Post: Lords Of Shadow Looks To Be The First Great 3D Castlevania

    It's no secret that the Castlevania series has thrived in its 2D incarnations but stumbled when taking the step into the third dimension. While the latter titles weren't absolute trainwrecks by any description, they lacked a certain magic that was present from the NES originals all the way through... More
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