Though I haven't bought the game yet I have rented it once and believe I have gotten far enough for a review.

Basically this is the first 3D Castlevania that gets a gold star from me.

Any  doubt of this game should be removed. The only warning is dont be expecting any castlevania that you know of. This is more of a reboot and a new fresh start for the 3d games that will most likely be their own series.

The graphics are great,story is just epic,and the variety is just enough to get you through. And has there ever been a castlevania without awesome music? 

The game play is split into 3 different styles. Hack n Slash'Puzzles'and platforming. Each are done well though the puzzles can stop you for long periods of time. Platforming area's are what you would expect but the action sequences are are the highlight of the whole game. The puzzles and platforming is basically just to prevent it from being a button masher and do their job well. Camera can be a little buggy at times and there the infamous"invisible walls".But that in no way interferes with the overall game. 

Though for being a 3D game its pretty linear. Its mostly about slashing and solving your way forward.You can backtrack  though to get stuff you missed.

This Is a great game for the franchise and I look forward to more.