I finally finished Castlevania: Lords of Shadow right before Christmas. I started it when it came out, but too many other cool games came out that distracted me away from Castlevania.

I really enjoyed Castlevania. It did a smart thing by de-tangling itself from all the other Castlevania games. This worked for me, because I never really put much stock into the lore of those games.

The combat is fun and engaging with a similar attack system to God of War. The combat does really require you to do a lot of blocking and dodging, which is nice. One problem I did have with the combat was that at times it tedious. I enjoy killing hordes of vampires/werewolves, but at a point I tire of this. This point isn't huge, but still it's there.

I can't push enough how beautiful this game it. The backgrounds of the world are really amazing.The art creates a living world.

I sometimes have objections to what some stories take on in terms of dealing with God or religion. They actually keep not that far away from orthodox Christanity. I'm against developers creating their own world with different rules/higher beings (like Dragon Age), but it is very refreshing to find a game that isn't completely out of this world when dealing with supernatural stuff.

Lastly, Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) narrates a little opening for every stage that is quite well done. This really adds a lot to the game.

8.75 - A great game worth buying/playing