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Castlevania: Judgment

The Belmont Clan Reduced to Broken Brawling

Fighting games should be about balance, precision, and skill. If any one of those areas falls short, the whole experience suffers. In Castlevania: Judgment, they all fall short. First of all, the Wii remote control scheme is unfathomably broken; to play this game, you should use a classic or GameCube controller. Even then, you must contend with spastic combat, a terrible camera, and unnatural button combinations you can't remap. I'd like to say there's at least some decent Castlevania fan service, but the character designs are awful -- the Simon Belmont in Captain N: The Game Master was a cooler incarnation of the legendary vampire hunter. The end product fails as a fighter, as a part of the Castlevania series, and as a video game in general.

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