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  • Blog Post: The Warrior Queen DLC Coming To XBLA

    Zen Studios' tower defense/brawler hybrid is getting 20 new levels and a host of new extras this Friday, September 27. CastleStorm's The Warrior Queen DLC will give players access to a new Viking Elite troop class, as well as new castle destroying weapons such as Meteor Showers, Exploding Barrels... More
  • Blog Post: A Good Game, But Not A Perfect Storm

    Adding too many mechanics to a game often results in an unpolished and confusing mess. Thankfully, Zen Studios – famed for its downloadable pinball titles – has beaten the odds by combining the catapult antics of games like Angry Birds with tower defense strategy and a splash of 2D brawling... More
  • Blog Post: When Angry Birds And Tower Defense Collide

    Zen Studios is best known for its excellent pinball series such as Pinball FX and Zen Pinball, but the studio is expanding into other genres in the digital space. At this E3 we got a chance to play its creative twist on tower defense, and walked away impressed. Unlike most tower defense games, CastleStorm... More
  • Blog Post: Build Castles And Knock 'Em Down

    “Building castles and then knocking them down was fun as a kid, and it’s still fun now," says Neil Sorens, Zen Studios' creative director. He's talking about the Pinball FX developer's latest downloadable game, CastleStorm, which looks like a hybrid of tower defense, real... More
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