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See CastleStorm In Action

In the next issue of Game Informer, we break down the fun action and strategy elements that CastleStorm mixes. To get a sense of how these elements come together, check out this exclusive gameplay video.

The video below demonstrates many of the elements that make Zen Studios'  castle smashing so interesting, including the projectile launching, troop spawning, and magic casting that players switch between on the fly. What isn't shown is the in-depth castle editor that allows you to make your own fortress to pit against your friends' creations. The physics-based destruction might be reminiscent of Angry Birds, but Zen Studios has built a game with a lot more depth than Rovio's hit mobile offering.

CastleStorm comes out on XBLA this spring, but Zen Studios plans to bring it to many other platforms including Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PC at a later time. For more on the game, check out our preview in issue 237, which should be arriving at subscribers' doorsteps soon.

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  • looks likes an angry bird, but more awesome.
  • Mod
    that looks interesting. I will be looking forward to your review in the mag next month. Which we still don't know what it's going to be...
  • I'd love to have this on the Vita.  Looks awesome.

  • It looks like Angry Birds meets Swords and Soldiers.
  • JumbleCastle is what my mom called it.

  • Looking very sweet.

  • Fun.

  • Angry Birds!

  •                 . .. . . . . . . ................

  • Looks like it could be fun but i would rather play this on a tablet thingy hehehe.

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  • Crossbows and Catapults anyone?