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  • Blog Post: Avalanche’s Latest Is A Licensed Game Worth Driving

    Cars is generally seen as one of Pixar’s weakest efforts, but that hasn’t stopped tykes from enjoying it with a fandom approaching evangelical levels. It’s also a merchandiser’s dream, as demonstrated by the aisles of cars, playsets, and clothing available in stores. As a parent... More
  • Blog Post: Inside the Spy Academy of Cars 2

    This latest trailer for the game shows off the C.H.R.O.M.E. spy academy were agents are trained, and includes some gameplay footage of the arcade racer. The game also features combat arenas and four-player splitscreen action. Check out the latest trailer below, or take a look at this previous trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Cars 2 Teaser Trailer Races For The Finish

    It’s hard to underestimate our enthusiasm for a new Pixar film. Games based on Pixer films, on the other hand, we could be more enthusiastic about. But if last year’s Toy Story 3 from Disney Interactive was any indication of the quality we’ll be seeing from the studio moving forward... More
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