Blue Manchu, a developer comprised of former senior developers at Irrational Games, has announced that Card Hunter is now available for everyone to play. The game has been in beta for a number of months, with over 50,000 testers putting it through its paces.

Card Hunter takes on the appearance of a tabletop miniatures game, with a card game flare. The title is free-to-play and browser based, but as you'll read in our recent preview, that shouldn't deter you. 

If you'd rather buy-in, there is a $25 Basic Edition that includes all of the treasure hunts (awarding epic loot), nine extra figures, and 100 "pizza" (Card Hunter's in-game currency used to purchase random loot chests and new figures). There are also multiplayer kits, which are similar to themed collectible card game decks.

You can check out the new trailer below and visit the official website to learn more and play for free.