I have never been a big "western" fan. I never played red dead redemption, never got into this series.  I saw the last game and it made me not want to play the game even more knowing it was out of context.  I watched a preview on the playstation network and I HAD TO OWN IT.  I've been through the campaign but it truly shines when you play arcade mode. Seeing how many combo kills I could rack up became challenging and fun.  I have all the newest games and I find myself going back to this again and again just to see if I can beat my score.  Not playing the other games in the series made me wonder what I missed out on and I may find myself going country if this is as good as it seems I may even invest in RDR being a favorite of my friends.  The background history is great and having to "rewind time" to go back and tell it how it really was adds a twist to FPS that I've never experienced before.  For the first time since the arcade Area 51 I find it addictive to play levels over and over again memorizing where the bad guys are (or good guys depending on how you look at it)  I recommend this game to any FPS fan that loves campaign mode and if you're into scoring points the arcade mode is where its at.  The only feature I didn't truly enjoy was the shootout duels.  There is even an achievement (or Trophy) for shooting a bird then killing your dueling partner but I haven't truly figured out the mechanics enough to be 'quick on the draw' yet. So giving this game a good rating is easy. Any game that brings you back again and again has to be good especially for myself considering I go buy tons of games and never finish any of them 95 percent of the time. HIGHLY RECOMENDED. Its worth every dollar you spend on the system of your choice.  If this had been a full $60 game I wouldn't have given it a chance based on my past with "western" games but the 15 dollar price tag and preview video sold me. Now where is my six shooter its time to get back to headshots.  Thanks Ubisoft. You changed my mind.