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Call Of Duty: World At War A Great Sniper

Call of Duty: World at War

Call Of Duty: World At War A Great Sniper

Call of Duty: World At War

A Great Sniper


This set of general guidelines to sniping in Call of Duty: World At War will not radically change your game, but will help you kill a few more people and stay alive a little longer.

1. You need to have a sniper rifle equipped. So basic!!!

Unless you're target is not moving, don't aim for a headshot unless you're extremely good. A body shot will usually kill someone unless they have juggernaut on.

Unless you're sure you can guarantee a kill, don't shoot! Shooting gives away your position and that player you just missed may come find you.

Find a nice secluded place with a view of a large portion of the map (such as the bunkers on Sea Cliffs or the castle on Castle). Kill a few people from this spot. Move on. Unless you are playing against the inexperienced, most players will figure out where those shot came from and will investigate.

Whenever you're not trying to shoot someone, or trying to reload, duck out of sight. This makes it harder for the enemy to see you and will prevent enemy snipers from finding you.

Remember to hold your breathe!

Good perks to have for snipers are:

Camouflage: Enemy recon planes will give away your position. This makes you invisible to them

Bouncing Betties: A personal defense field. These can protect you while you snipe. However, these are a dead giveaway for snipers and once detonated, you should move on to a different spot.

Overkill: Debatable. Allows you to have two primary weapons so you could have another weapon to defend you when on the move or out of ammo.

If i ommitted anything, leave a comment on the bottom of the page. Don't comment on spelling or grammar errors unless it impedes your understanding of the guide.

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  • I wanted to write a better guide than the other one found on this site. Here it is.

  • Sounds like a good idea.  I usually use bouncing betties.  They help alot and youcan get alot of points with them.

  • it was a pretty good guide but it needed some more info. like you said betties are a dead give away of a sniper or a camper and the fact is that you should only use camo or overkill on hardcore or it will take two shots without stopping power. The best snipers to me are the mosin nougat and the ptrs the kar98 is okay but it is not the best if you have any more questions feel free to send me a message and i might even make my own sniper guide.

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