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A Good Sniper

Call of Duty: World at War

A Good Sniper

  1. A good sniper never miss but i will help you just in case you do.
  2. Find a good place to snipe someone( make sure its hard to see you or u will be picked off very easily.
  3. when you see someone shoot 
  4. If you miss and you think they see you move to a new location.
  5. Your Welcome
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  • 1. A sniper isnt a one shot one kill dude, a marksman is.

    2. A sniper is able to resist the urge to shoot at anything that moves lest he give his position away.

    3. Keep an ear cocked for any sounds of gunfire and dont shoot at an enemy as you see him if another is right near. Wait a few seconds for one or the other to look a different direction before you strike.

  • I think Aarons advice is a bit more sound.  Good try, though.

  • I'm just changing the original "u"s to "You"s.

  • 1. One shot-one kill.

  • Yeah....Aarons "guide" is actually much more useful and legitimate.

  • Once you get 2 kills, you should move to a new location, it is extremely dangerous to be in the same place too long. I also don' t like using the PTRS, because it is loud and easily traceable. Try the mosin or the Springfield.

  • Yea that is better

  • I agree, Aaron has pwned you.

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