Let's Be frank

Don't buy this game.Don't play this game. Don't even think about this game by any means necessary as if there's no such a game  with this title. So if u do The Great Memories Call Of duty series give u could vanish in just a 5 minutes u start to play this game. I Dont know what's the reason this game even released. I'm not such a mobile player and It seldom happens to devote some time for this kind of game. since this game carries the great name Of cod I was so eager to play it at the first moment that i come to my hands but it disappoint me at the first place because of it most creepy set.

The theme is so ugly and have no bussines with call of duty games. There's no such a massive story behind its terrible way of storytelling  that is the sample of every call of duty games. I don't get the point with it's weird and uncomfortable Gameplay. controlling characters is such a pain in the .. and everything is just not in it's place

the game is such a mistake that should have been never exist