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How to avoid the battalion in "All Ghillied Up"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex

How to avoid the battalion in "All Ghillied Up"

This is a great strategy for avoiding the battalion of soldiers and tanks in the "All Ghillied Up" mission. (If you feel I am wording this poorly, feel free to edit this post or comment with your own strategy).

In this mission, you will come to a fairly open field after passing the abandoned church. Captain MacMillian will warn you to get down because of a battalion of soldiers and tanks is coming your way. The game would have you carefully sidestep each soldier while staying on the ground. However, there is a much simpler way to get past them. To the left of the field are two pairs of two trees. Position yourself directly in between the first pair of these trees (lying down of course) and angle yourself towards the soldiers. If you have done this correctly, the soldiers will miss you completely and you won't have to sidestep.

Disclaimer: I have only done this on the Xbox 360 version, I don't know how that is going to turn out on the Wii. Let me know how it goes!

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  • I just ran back to the church after so many tries and waited there.

  • There's a much simpler way, actually. Obviously, the game wont let Cpt. MacMillan be discovered, so just stay right behind him ( I mean like gun-up-the-butt right behind him) and youll be fine...(you might have you change angle a little bit, depending on how you went down, so that you are pretty much in line with Mac.)

  • I hid right behind the tree cause the soldiers obviously have to go around it and they can't spot you ever, worked every time!  Then just for fun I would pop up after they were gone and start capping some fools - then lose horrificly :)

  • I like this tip. It lowers the suspense factor when playing though.

  • I never had a problem with this. If you really wanted to stay alive then stay in Macmillans as$

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