Alright let's get this straight, I HATE THE Wii! The games are fun for parties but forget playing alone. Seriously, who plays Wii Sports alone? But that's not the point, the point is that Modern warfare:Reflex on the Wii was a big mistake. nintendo must of known that most teenagers don't really enjoy the Wii and decided, "Hey! Let's make MOD on the Wii for the teenagers!" I just laugh at this decision. If you really want to play MOD do it on the Xbox, not the Wii. Okay so the story in the game is like any other story in MOD games so not much originality. Most players of MOD also may hate the graphics of this game. They have the same feel, but the're almost bllured looking. And the real problem of this game comes down to the controls. It's got to be one of the hardest games to play on the Wii. The controls are delade and if you accidentally drop the Wii controler just a few inches the screen moves around like a kid with a seizure! The missions are preety easy and if your an expierenced MOD player this game will be a sinch for you to beat. So there you go! That's my review of one the worst marketing decisions for Nintendo.