If you are a Wii-only owner and do not have this game listen closely: 1. Get in your car/ have your parent drive you to the nearest video game retailer 2. Purchase this game 3. Return home and play the single and multiplayer modes your 360 and PS3 friends have been making fun of you for not being able to play 4. Go tell said friends you now have CoD 4 and then get mocked for not having MW2. 

Story: 8/10 As SAS operative "Soap" MacTavish and Marine Paul Jackson you fight against the villains Khaled Al-Asad, new Middle Eastern ruler, and Imran Zakhaev, Russian "Ultranationalists." Al-Asad and Zakhaev stage a coup deat against "Insert Middle-Eastern country name here." The story itself is well-written and engrossing but suffers from horribly underdeveloped characters, MacTavish and Jackson are completely silent, as is CoD tradition, meaning they having absolutley no personality and I did not care one bit for either of them. Captain Price is the opposite. He is the only hero who leaves an impression due to his somewhat developed backstory and personaltiy and kickass voice. All other companions were bland and mundane, they might as well have been ally #1, 2, 3, etc. The villain Zakhaev is similar into Price in the fact that thought has been put into his history and character. Al-Asad, on the other hand, is simply a generic placeholder until Zakhaev steps into the spotlight. Yet, with only two characters that qualify as compelling, the general plotline is filed with breathtaking moments and a twisting espionage plotline. If you've managed to avoid spoilers to this game then learn through gameplay, not a Wikipedia page.

Presentation: 8/10 The graphics are rather good for a Wii game. The thing is that in the more intense moments of campaign and multiplayer the framerate can get very choppy. The sound effects and voice acting are simply astounding, As mentioned before Price's voice actor is especially fantastic.

Control: 9/10 Believe it or not, the minor control problem has nothing to do with motion control, which works surprisingly well, its all about button layout. It's awkward to jump and sprint in this game. The shooting control is incredibly fluent, it never felt gimmicky. The gun tilting is amusing but has no gameplay effect. Though there are several sections where it is possible to use a control stick instead, which is preferable in those situations (the AC 130 section for example.) The aiming is every bit as good as it is on 360 and PS3. Well, at least in the campaign

Campaign: 10/10 Defending a tank, the AC 130 gunner, the ghille suit flashback, the finale, and the post-credits mission. This is a perfect single player mode defined by dramatic setpieces and insanely fun missions. It is superior to the original CoD4's campaign beyond a shadow of a doubt. While it retains the same length it is short but sweet lasting 7-10 hours depending upon skill and difficulty chosen. The reflex edition does eliminate CoD4's biggest flaw, infinitely spawning enemies. You can now strategically eliminate every enemy before moving on to the next area. It makes it much funner and truly (and fairly) challenging. Its a blast.

Multiplayer: 8/10 With the improved single-player comes a so-so multiplayer. While it does have some ups, it uses a solid connection. You should have as much disconnection worry as you would on another console. If there is lag the graphics are more to blame than your connection. The problems are:

-The game comes with every original map, yet none of the add-on maps are. These won't be coming.

-No more killcam

-Mixed Blessing no voice chat, no strategizing but no annoying kids shouting S*** and F*** when they die/kill you (Seriously these annoying brats give the average kid gamer like me a bad name)

It is still addictive and fun, but its not the multiplayer that made this franchise famous.

Overall: You probably don't need to read this review as you already likely own the game on one platform or another. If you don't have the game but have access to both a Wii and a 360/PS3 I recommend:

-Wii if you like a more the control scheme, are fine with weaker graphics, and are a single player lover.

-360/PS3 if you prefer more conventional controls, better graphics, and care more for the online experience.