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How To Make A Good Sniper Class/How To Quick Scope

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

How To Make A Good Sniper Class/How To Quick Scope

Ok first off you will need a sniper rifle class with any sniper rifle. I personally like the MSR (unlock at level 66) over most. Here is what i use in my class.

All are your chose this is what i do.

Primary: MSR

Secondary: Pistol or Machine Pistol

Lethal: Throwing Knife

Tactical: Portable Radar

Perk 1: Slight of Hand

Perk 2: Quickdraw

Perk 3: Steady Aim or Marksman

Strike: ???


Once you have a good class you will need to learn how to quick scope i will go through some steps.

Step 1: With the 4 lines of where the bullet generally will go put your enemy in the middle of that (Steady Aim helps a lot for starters) 

Step 2: Press the L1 (left trigger or how you aim) and don't hold it only hold for about 1 second until you only see black or a little part of the inside scope. Then fire!!!

Step 3: You should not try to quick scope if they are far away only a little ways until you get better.

Step 4: You might get a hit marker so you could try to quick scope again or go for the kill with a hard scope.

Step 5: If you get the kill you have to make sure you get the kill!!! Go over there and T bag like crazy!

Step 6: Make sure you practice this with friends in private and you will be good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this guide please rate it and comment i would appreciate it and remember always do step 5 (;