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  • Forum Post: BF3/MW3 Why do people have to be fan boys?

    I will admit i am a fanboy for MW3 but i have beat both games and played online on both... I have to say MW3 has a better Online than BF3, BF3 takes a while to get in a match (i think its just my internet) and its guns arent so good i think, and leveling up is not that good. MW3 Lags and has many more...
  • Forum Post: Hey Ladies!

    Check this out!! There is an amazing all female (and female only) clan, which I am so lucky and proud to be a part of, called Girl Gamers United. As of now we are playing MW3 on both PS3 and Xbox Platforms. There is an insane amount of talent in this clan and there is nothing like getting online and...
  • Forum Post: Camping, when is too much?

    Campers. We hate them. We are them. We shoot them. But i want to know is where is the fun in going prone, watching a door, and killing 9 people the whole game? Some people will try to control one part of a map which is totally acceptable. Running around a house or one specific spot keeping it on lock...
  • Forum Post: Modern Warfare 3: Will It Live Up to Expectations?

    The Modern Warfare series has never looked so good. Although, some people are stating that this one will not be any different from the previous two installments. Talk such as "It's just the same thing" and "Here we go AGAIN". Although Battlefield 3 will be a worthy contender with...
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