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  • Forum Post: Camping, when is too much?

    Campers. We hate them. We are them. We shoot them. But i want to know is where is the fun in going prone, watching a door, and killing 9 people the whole game? Some people will try to control one part of a map which is totally acceptable. Running around a house or one specific spot keeping it on lock...
  • Forum Post: Wishes

    What are people hoping for with the newest installment in the COD franchise? Personally speaking I just want more camos to choose from, not just picking a pattern but also to be able to choose my own color scheme that goes with the pattern would be an awesome way to personalize my guns that much further...
  • Forum Post: Modern warfare 3 or Battlefield 3?

    wich one do you think is gonna be better modern warfare 3 or battlefield 3.
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