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Modern Warfare 3: Will It Live Up to Expectations?

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  • The Modern Warfare series has never looked so good. Although, some people are stating that this one will not be any different from the previous two installments. Talk such as "It's just the same thing" and "Here we go AGAIN". Although Battlefield 3 will be a worthy contender with Modern Warfare, I doubt it will over-sell just because of its (Battlefield 3) realism. Hopefully, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Activision will make this timeless saga glow even brighter despite what people are saying. What are your thought? Please share.

  • I have to say that Modern Warfare 3 will probably live up to the hype. After MW3 was announced, most gave all the attention to BF3. From all the interviews, I'd say this is looking to be a solid shooter. I don't think it's GotY material, due to Batman: Arkham City, though.

    With Battlefield 3, it was very, very obvious that they were trying to outdo MW3 with the ultra-realism, and the campaign ripped from Black Ops.

    With Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer keep mentioning that they are simply trying to outdo MW2, not BF3. I find this a very smart tactic, because they are adding major improvements to an already successful game.

  • Very well put and well thought out. You have a good point. The public already expected a follow-up to Modern Warfare 2. As sequels come out, the public also expects it to supersede its the previous installment. In Battlefield's case, they were NOT completely focused on outdoing their own previous game release, but were more focused on outdoing its competition, Modern Warfare 3.

    Although Battlefield 3 has had heavy emphasis on its realism and will certainly dominate that area, i doubt they will be able to keep players interested upon the release of MW3. Call of Duty's reputation is too high and will not falter to a sequel (Battlefield 2, 2005) that took 6 years to release. I predict Battlefield 3 multiplayer attendance will drop significantly by November 8th.


  • Apparently, you don't understand that I am in favor of MW3 100%. I suggest you re-read this thread and this time, read with your head and with a little more understanding. You sound like a fanboy.

  • I have been looking forward to MW3 all year.  I have owned and loved all of them.  Got new video card for this one.  Broke my heart when I started playing and found the game at max settings just feels like a map pack to the last release.  Graphics and sounds were awesome many years ago but have not aged well.  How can this be a new release?  First time I have ever felt a little ripped off.  They must have done ALOT of paid advertising to cover up this with reviewers.  I will still play it because its the best there is but I think this is the first cod where I have not thought "wow this looks awesome".

  • All I got in my (PS3) Modern Warfare 3 package was an upgraded Black Ops game, was this a mistake? If this is the Modern Warfare 3 game then there sure isnt much left of it except for the campaign, everything else is all Black Ops. Now release the MW3 game already, maybe when the next Black Ops comes out they'll include the MW3 game they promised us. Not a bad game for Black Ops but for a Modern Warfare game its nothing to exciting.

  • I'm personally getting extremely bored of these war glorifications. It seems like every 2nd kid these days plays some random super soldier in the game world out to kill each other. There are tons of well done games out there and players miss out on them because they want to wage war in cyberspace. There is enough dumb people out there doing war in the real world, we really don't need more people interested in killing each other.

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