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BF3/MW3 Why do people have to be fan boys?

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  • I will admit i am a fanboy for MW3 but i have beat both games and played online on both... I have to say MW3 has a better Online than BF3, BF3 takes a while to get in a match (i think its just my internet) and its guns arent so good i think, and leveling up is not that good. MW3 Lags and has many more glitchs in it but i like its guns and its fast leveling up. I like MW3 online way better.

    Ofline: Ok first of MW3 is good if you know the story from MW1 and MW2 its just amazing... MW3 Also earned alot of respect from offline and some online players for Survival/Spec ops it was just a great add in with survival, but we all knew spec ops was coming back... BF3, The campaign was ok i give it a 6 out of 10, But one thing you have to remember is they left it a cliffhanger because in the end of BF2 they say they are going to Antarctica to fight but they totally messed it up by not following the story line. It was a ok campaign i'm just mad about not follwoing the story line.

    Overall MW3 i think is a little better... Final Ratings: BF3:7.0 MW3:9.0

  • i am in love with online killing ur ass

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