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Camping, when is too much?

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  • Campers. We hate them. We are them. We shoot them. But i want to know is where is the fun in going prone, watching a door, and killing 9 people the whole game? Some people will try to control one part of a map which is totally acceptable. Running around a house or one specific spot keeping it on lock down is very tactical. But crouching in front of a barrel and shooting everyone who walks down a hall way is not gaming. Its not fun. Its not cool. This bothers me. A lot. I love MW3. Campers ruin the game. 

    Acceptable camping


  • I agree with you Brandon I don't get why someone would go out and spend $60 to sit in a corner, shoot 10 people and get yelled at for 5 hours. This just frustrates good players and turns them away from the game which is not fair to them. But I understand controlling one small spot. Also for everyone that says sniping is camping, your wrong. Sniping, in real life, is staying in one spot taking a shot and moving a little it's good gaming. So for all you so called players that sit in a corner with your back to a wall with a shotgun because your to scared to go out and fight stop playing all FPS games so real players can have the fun they paid for.  

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