After mindlessly playing several hundreds and, yes, even thousands of hours into playing the Nazi Zombie mini game, i can't help but try to imagine it as more than that. Where as to i respect Infinity Ward for their effort, i cant seem to get as much FUN into playing a multiplayer that is just the same 12 year old kids putting all their time into never getting good, and honestly just making me mad. Every 5 steps you get "QuickScoped", "Noob Tubed", or some other unfair and either entirely too realistic or the exact opposite. It just doesnt seem to capture the same amount of time that Treyarch created in Zombies. I can't help thinking, WHEN WILL I GET MORE ZOMBIES?! Im sure i can speak for a great portion of the community when i say that the story Treyarch developed for this is way more than adequate for a full length game rather than just a side part to Call Of Duty games every 2 years. I will have a link in this post for a video that explains the ENTIRE storyline in 1 hr and 20 mins. It has engrossed me into playing zombies once again to add onto my now 3 year addiction. While playing, my friends and I, or our "Zombie Crew" have come up with many ideas, but never get to see any of them come to life. All im wanting is some proof that Zombies will either be in the next CoD, or will finally have its own tale to tell. Any help GI?

Pt. 1 (realize not all of this is correct because part 1 was made before all of the maps were released)
Pt. 2 (also realize NONE of this is set in stone, it is simply a theory on the story)