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Modern Warfare 3: The most Expensive map pack you ever did see.

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  • Modern Warfare 3 has been proving to be an excellent edition to Infinity Ward's and Treyarch's legendary franchise... money wise. It just beat Avatar's sales records by reaching more than $1 billion in sales! Modern warfare 3, to say the least, is just like Modern Warfare 2. The gameplay mechanics are the same, the graphics are just as crisp and clean, and the Spec Ops isn't anything special! Most of the guns in the game even have counterparts in the prequel! All I have to say is my opinion. This is a discussion! What us your opinion!

    2lzy2try :P

  • Buying MW3 on Tuesday can't wait, my mates keep telling me how awesome it is.

  • I just read about the new map pack and the elite subscribers get the map pack early and non-subscribers get it on March... now that is just plane stupid....

  • Completely Agree. MW3 is nothing more than MW2.5. I appreciate the small changes they've made in the perks and the new Strike Packages, but overall it looks like the same Campaign and Multiplayer as MW2. I play mainly FPS games and I enjoy both Infinity Ward and Treyarch's games (though Treyarch's more), but I can't help but feel like I've drank the Kool-Aid on this one. Not only did I play to Prestige 10 lvl 80 (I've since reset my stats to keep things fresh, which by the way erases all your titles and emblems..... you've been warned), but I also spent the $49.99 on Elite. While I enjoy getting the maps first and I love the constant Challenges they host, I remember not too long ago when companies released 4-5 maps per DLC. The rationale almost everyone had when purchasing Elite was that the map packs alone would pay for the cost. But at the rate of one map per month (two for the first release), I'm not really sure if it actually does pay for itself.

    If you're a fan of FPS multiplayer games it absolutely makes sense to buy MW3. The community is enormous (albeit immature), and with Elite you get a new map or so every month and constant nightly Challenges to keep things interesting. But as a fan of COD since MW1 I can't help but feel like the series has hit some kind of plateau. Like everyone else though, I suppose it didn't really matter. Killing thy neighbor in the online multiplayer will probably always guarantee my continuing support of the franchise.


  • well everything on Call of Duty is expensive isn't it

    Ezio Auditore

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