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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

New Trailer Teases Single Player Campaign

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is almost upon us, so Activision is pulling back the curtain on what sorts of things will happen in the main campaign. Hint: it looks insane.

Watch below to see guys getting kicked, zero gravity, explosions, gunfire, and more.


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  • No originality, but it'll always be ****ing epic, and intense.
  • that was kind of cool still not getting it but that looked good just saying
  • I heard it played more like Black Ops then Modern Warfare 1 or 2...that's a definite turn off
  • OMG. I know it will be insane, even with all the spoilers I've seen so far. Just release the *** game already!
  • All the little kids flock to this page!
  • Looks good. Only CoD campaign I didn't like was BLOPS. The MW series has been decent enough, but I really only care about MP at this point.
  • Now THIS. This is the trailer I've been waiting for. MW3 now has an actual run against BF3's money for me. I can finally see the improvements made to the game which I couldn't notice before, I can spot a really nice graphical enhancement, a new destruction physics engine and a gorgeous, updated dust particle effect.

    MW3, I welcome you back to my top nominees for my 2011 money.
  • Glad to see the campaign is as fun as always. The multiplayer is good, but the campaigns will always have my heart thanks to the stellar pacing.

    Here's hoping they bring back the occasional semi open world level CoD4 would have.

  • it kind of looks like a re hash of the same old stuff they've always done in the level design. might be worth to pick up
  • Whoa. I've been quite drawn to BF3, but this trailer is making me reconsider my options.
  • 0:55, I just about yelled out loud cheering.

    Despite the stigma, I openly proclaim to be a die-hard fan of the Modern Warfare series, both for the single player (story, characters) and the multiplayer. Call of Duty didn't become the critically acclaimed highest grossing entertainment property in history global phenomenon that it is because "the fanbase will buy anything" ... it's up and down a masterpiece of a franchise. I honestly do feel sad for the players who were former fans who burnt themselves out, or who had succumb to the peer pressures and ridicule for liking something popular.

    I for one am not ashamed to say this trailer gave me goosebumps. I went to CoD XP so I've got my voucher for a Hardened Edition of my own, but I will still be at the midnight launch (with friends) and because I've already played the game... I know I will enjoy the hell out of it.
  • "Intense" would be the word I'd choose... please note that this does not always denote a positive meaning.
  • Yep. Looks like another quality FPS title is on its way. Not really surprised, considering I've liked almost all the CoDs up until this point.

  • WHOA DUDE!!!...........HAHAHA just kidding.

  • Personally the multiplayer takes a backseat for me in comparison to the single player. It's the main reason I am picking this thing up, to finish the story
  • Same old same old. I'm not buying another game for Multiplayer that's going to be full of whining 12 year olds who do nothing but camp and quickscope.
  • Anyone count the helicopters?
  • That music sound familiar...sounds like, hmm, I don't know, a certain other modern FPS that is coming out this month.
  • Call of Duty has never been short of jaw dropping moments, but seeing some of these comments below just cements the fact that at some point Call of Duty will run out of ideas for it's story and be just a multiplayer game. Elite is just the first stages of getting people used to paying subscription fees.

  • The models still look like they are made of plastic. Not buying.
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