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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Feast Your Eyes On Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Activision and Infinity Ward are hosting their first Call of Duty fan event this weekend, giving players an early look at Modern Warfare 3 among other things. If you weren't able to attend, it doesn't look as though you'll be missing out on everything. A trailer has surfaced online breaking down the eagerly awaited shooter's multiplayer.

The three-minute clip shows off the game's various multiplayer game types, weapons loadouts, and perks, all in glorious slow motion. Check it out below.

Modern Warfare 3 ships on November 8 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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  • Looks cool, but I admit it does look alot like MW2. I think that truck is in every game. Can't really tell what the perks are doing either. But it looked like a lot of fun. Oh, and first I guess.
  • Sweet trailer, I just hope they're tuning up the graphics.
  • Looks like quick scooping isnt dead yet.
  • Honestly, this looks like a bunch of reasons why I stopped playing MW. Most matches of any gametype turn into run-and-gun deathmatch with people focusing on their k/d rations, and in the end, some dickbag sniper kills you. To be fair, it's why I got sick of Halo Reach as most other FPS' as well.
  • I wish it didn't look like I already played this game...
  • I like the franchise but the DLC prices from the last few games have really turned me away from it. Hopefully the leaked version of some of the editions are true and you get DLC included with purchase of a new copy. Im not getting my hopes up though and have moved on until Activision stops being so greedy and actually supports their games with prices that are reasonable.
  • Well, it looks good but Call of Duty just doesn't excite me like it used to. Call of Duty 4 was my favorite shooter of all time but now I just feel like I've experienced everything CoD has to offer. It doesn't really matter though because this game will still sell a bazillion copies like it always does. This whole CoD vs BF argument has gotten so out of control, it's crazy. Just play whichever game you like more or hell get both if you want to. I've never understood these fanboy arguments. It's not like you're getting paid by IW or Dice to defend these games so just let people like what they enjoy.
  • Trailer looks like a guhe..MEEHH
    Looks like the old version...and honestly... looks boring...graphics are horrible. Just lots of reasons i stopped playing CoD and now after few years still hasnt nothing new in it.
    Dont understand ppl who actually likes CoD anymore
  • I could have sworn I already played this game.....
  • CoD does kind of bore me, but my friends all play it so I just play along with them. These new Multiplayer additions look good.
  • While singleplayer isn't changing much, it looks like multiplayer will be really different. (except for the truck)
  • I enjoyed the BF3 Physical Warfare pack trailer more than this trailer...seriously, I'm not trolling. This trailer failed to excite me for some reason.

  • Where are the vehicles? Have they still not incorporated them into the multi-player experience yet?
  • oh super so not only will i be loving the quick scope sniper rifle pros with the handle superassasin24014444, i will be having to deal with them using assault rifles as well.... not very excited at the moment.
  • It looks like they have made some really cool changes to MP.
  • heartbeat monitors , throwing knives , that turret that had heat seeking dispersal rounds and some how managed to take out a non heat seeking rpg. this game might as well have lasers and plasma guns. looks like ***.. tha kids will enjoy this while i p[ay bf 3
  • CoD sucks! Awwwwwwwwwww, yeah! I'm officially a cool kid, now.
  • wow, that was a great trailer. Still not convinced that it can beat BF3, however.
  • getting battlefield 3 a release. might get this for Christmas or something. it looks fun but the same really. I'm more looking forward to skyrim
  • A grey blob would beat this game at a beauty contest.
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