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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Live Gameplay At Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference

Activision's blockbuster shooter headlined Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference, kicking off this year's show with an explosive first-person battle in the New York City harbor.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling cut a fine figure on Microsoft's stage as he guided Navy SEAL "Frost" through planting an underwater mine and then shooting his way through a Russian submarine.

Gliding through the NYC harbor with a personal transport device, Frost dodges enemy mines by keeping an eye on his sonar display on his way to forcing the sub to surface by strapping a powerful explosive to its hull.

Frost follows the sub up to the surface and confronts a dramatic view of the naval battle raging around him as his head bursts into the air. The SEALs waste no time breaking into the sub itself, and Frost mostly watches his comrades sweeping the feeble resistance from their path on the way to the sub's control room.

Bowling skips the demo ahead to the presumed end of the level, and Frost joins one of his fellow SEALs in turning the commander's keys in a launch console. Is the U.S. nuking the Russians with their own missiles?

Having hijacked the deadly payload, Frost and his team exfiltrate via inflatable raft. This final sequence plays out much like the snowmobile chase from Modern Warfare 2, as Bowling appeared to be driving his boat through a largely predetermined path on his way to the evac chopper. The best moments shown come during this bit, as Frost shoots the mines on the aft of a Russian pursuit boat and blow the craft fully in half. The waves of the tumultuous bay wash over the SEALs' small crafts as dozens of huge ships launch missiles and trade large-bore gunfire.

Sledgehammer Games head Glen Schofield closes the demo by coming onstage and reiterating his excitement to be working on the Modern Warfare franchise along with Infinity Ward.

The preview delivered the Modern Warfare vibe with its dramatic spectacles and outstanding audiovisual fidelity, but I have to express some concern at the fact that the franchise's single-player appears mired in the same tired design cliches Call of Duty has been rocking for years. As much as I like riding these rollercoasters, I'm ready to do more than follow my AI companions along from checkpoint to checkpoint.

We should be learning a lot more about Modern Warfare 3 as we near its November 8 release date.

For more on E3 2011, head to our hub page that will direct you to all of our extensive E3 coverage. If you're looking for more on Microsoft's press conference as it happens, join Jeff Cork and Phil Kollar at our ongoing liveblog.

  • Sounds about par for the course with a Call of Duty title. All flash, no substance.
  • No video?

  • Yeah know, I love Call of duty I really do. But all these reports about it keep making me not wanting to buy it? Its kinda is doing the opposite I feel like well maybe Battlefield 3 is more worth my time? Anyone else have these thoughts or is it just me?
  • Looking forward to the next iteration of the Highest Grossing Entertainment IP in the History of the Human Species: Call of Duty!

  • It's SEAL, there are no periods. On topic; doesn't sound very interesting. Just more of the same.
  • More of the same that'll sell like hotcakes. Interested but can't say I'm excited.


  • this might be nit-picking but your title picture says Call of duty 3: modern warfare.

  • I loved the suspense and that has always been a great feature in CoD, the moments before something big goes down or when you get ready to go all out. I just can't help but feel, however, that it is a just a big push to finish the MW trilogy or to squeeze some more money out of it. It still looks like an interesting game but will defiantly not be a first buy maybe after it goes platinum after 2 weeks of being out.... because everyone bought it.... ....*meanwhile at BF3....*
  • I honestly just care about online gameplay. And that's going to be the same.

  • ill be honest, im not a shooter fan, and ive never really enjoyed them period.  BUT! i will say one good thing about this presentation even though i was 1)not surprised it was first to bat for Microsoft and 2) it really was very boring to watch.  The one good thing is that there was actually a BLUE SKY!  im glad to see that the over use of browns and drowned out colors were gone for once.  not sure if anyone else noticed it, but that is what caught me the most during the whole presentation.

  • Well, I can't say I'm surprised. While assaulting a submarine sounds incredibly fun, I have to say I am utterly disappointed with most of the other areas. Having the escape sequence be something we've already done, essentially, does nothing for me. Describing the submarine crew as 'feeble resistance' also worries me a bit, as I've always preferred some challenge, not a massacre. On another note, how many freaking nukes can we fire off? Seriously. If I'm not mistaken, the one that is probably being launched from the sub makes 3, and that should have some serious environmental impacts, but each game acts as if nothing happened.
  • in no way are they forwarding the game itself, its the same old shooting gallery crap. you can dress up a pile of S___, but it will always be a pile of s____. wheres the innovation, the evolution... pityfull. calling these games sequels is f'ing criminal!
  • Interesting,but I want to see some new gameplay,not something I've already played over and over again.

  • Not going to engage in responding to the flame war already in full effect here, just want to give my nod of approval. Stay tuned for a massive write up I'll be doing on Call of Duty at large; it's place within the industry and FPS genre and looking forward to MW3.

  • easy pass. these are not true sequels but merely expansions, there is no forwad movement out of the engine or graphics.  how can so many people continue to support this?  

  • That sound fine for me, i just want the gameplay, that i don't think it will change to much.

  • I want to see it, not read it.

  • My opinion on CoD is that it is for those who love to show off thier skills. BF series is for people that still want to show off thier skills but also like the satisfaction that comes from good teamwork.

  • I'll buy this for the campaign. Modern Warfare's story deserves to be concluded. If I'm lucky, the multiplayer will change enough to merit the game a permanent spot on my shelf. I'm not holding my breath, but Battlefield 3 approaches, so I don't have to.

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