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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Details Surface

You can't deny its popularity, but Call of Duty multiplayer is not for everyone. Many people buy the games for the short and sweet single-player campaigns, and would rather challenge their skills in Spec Ops challenges than suffer through the verbal lashings and ultra-quick trigger fingers that define the average COD multiplayer match. Activision recognizes the apprehension to jump online, and hopes to offer more replay value for these gamers with Modern Warfare 3's revamped Spec Ops mode.

"There's such hardcore players out there in the online community and you hear all the stories about (youngsters) swearing and ruining the experience," Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer Games told the USA Today. "With Spec Ops, you can really get in there and hone your skills in a more confined environment. I think it's a little more of an easy entry. I don't have as much time as I did when I was 20 to be honing my twitch skills, but this certainly gives me a venue to experiment."

According to the USA Today, co-developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are beefing up the Spec Ops mode with online matchmaking, leaderboards, and a separate progression system from multiplayer. The centerpiece of the renovation, however, is a new Horde-like Survival mode that takes place on the multiplayer maps.

As you would expect, players face off against unlimited waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The map USA Today played, called Dome, featured a "Cold War-era desert radar command bunker" and some creative new enemies like suicide bomber dogs that explode a few seconds after you put them down. When the waves become too much to suppress with your assault rifle, you can use in-game currency to purchase defensive enhancements like turrets.

To read more about Survival mode, head over to the USA Today preview.

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  • Killing AI soldiers in FPS isn't for the bird. Headsets with separate game and chat volumes are. Also I love that some of the new additions just make it sound like Treyarch's Zombies modes... you know because IW never borrows from Treyarch.

    Seems odd that it starts with a quote saying "internets is hard, bawwww" and then goes on to inform of online matchmaking, which would seem to suggest playing Spec Ops with random people you're matched with.

    What's worse than competitive modes with strangers?

    Co-op modes with strangers!

    If I can't tolerate a kid in chat in MP, when he might not be on my team, why would I want to go into matchmaking for a Co-op mode, where the kid would assuredly be on the same team?
  • It seems more likely that CO players will just do multi-player and forget about single player rather than the other way around
  • so... a multiplayer where one team is humans and one team is bots? is forcing teamwork really going to make for a more positive multiplayer environment?
  • I like the idea of purchasing turrets for defense purposes. I was never really into the spec ops in MW2, but I feel like I could get behind this. We will see.

  • Well atleast they acknowledge the fact that there is an over-abundance of ignorant teenagers that plague the online experience of CoD. I just wish something could be done about it...
  • Looks pretty awesome! Keep it coming!

  • Vanilla Sun!
  • Zombies + Spec Ops = Marketing Ploy

    With Infinity Ward making the game, but not really making the game, it should be interesting to see what happens here.  I just can't shake my skepticism.

  • Survival Mode sounds fun. Every game needs a horde mode nowadays i guess lol. Not sure if it will be better than zombies, thought i though was fun but i wasn't really into it. Seems like this Survival Mode will be a mix with Black ops' Combat training mode (human enemies and level progression) and zombies mode (increasingly difficult waves of enemies). I think it's gonna be good, though anything would be better than the spec ops mode in MW2, I hated it lol.
  • suicide bomber dogs? Now I'm skeptical
  • So... Zombies without zombies? What will the Call of Duty franchise think of next....?
  • I have a bad feeling no one is going to want to work as a team. No one does in Call of Duty.
  • MW3 Spec Ops Survival Mode: Zombies Sledgehammer/Infinity Ward style

  • DOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that was my war cry for WAW, my favorite map.
  • Suicide bomber dogs? *rolls eyes*

  • I've gotta say it....Zombie Mode rip-off!!! Sorry Theyarch.
  • Online Matchmaking for Spec Ops mode? As well as a Horde-style mode?

  • I think Call of Duty might as well ditch the realism. People who want a feeling of realism play Battlefield... people who want actual realism play Arma. I'm all for Call of Duty going for a more unrealistic but neat feeling rather than actual realism. Now they just need bears... Russian war bears. Jokes about rip-offs aside, you gotta admit that'd be pretty awesome.
  • The fist spec ops was fun and challenging but once I got star 67 (or 69 I cant remember) I never played them again. Zombies is much more attractive, I could play that non-stop and never worry about "leveling up" or getting a gold medal in every challenge. This new Horde seems ok but the fact that it has been used so many times really doesnt interest me, if they could think of something more original then I would be intrigued but so far this has nothing on zombies.
  • SWEET! Suicide bomber dogs? Hell's yeah!

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