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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Can Infinity Ward Win The War Against All Odds?

Following a series of surprisingly thorough leaks, Activision has finally unveiled Modern Warfare 3, the follow-up to one of 2009’s best-selling games and the first release from Infinity Ward since its founding members left along with a huge chunk of the team. There’s very little doubt as to how well a new Call of Duty game is going to sell, but can it live up to the high expectations left by its predecessor despite all the drama surrounding its creation? My first look left this question frustratingly unanswered.

The first thing to note about Modern Warfare 3 is that Activision made the smart and possibly necessary decision that Infinity Ward could not handle the development alone. Instead, the remnants of the studio that created Call of Duty are teaming up with Sledgehammer Games, a new Activision studio started by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. Sledgehammer was previously said to be working on a third-person Call of Duty title that is presumably on hold while it helps with Modern Warfare 3.

MW 3 picks up shortly following the end of the second game, with the world embroiled in an intense conflict. Once again, players globetrot across continents during the single-player campaign. Exotic locations such as the Himalayas were mentioned, but the focus is on larger scale urban warfare in cities such as New York and London, the two locations shown off during the first demo.

The Manhattan level, titled “Black Tuesday,” starts the player character in a crashed Humvee. As he comes to and climbs out, he looks up at the crumbling New York skyline. Debris from collapsing buildings falls dangerously close. A lone hot dog cart stands in the ruins, looking absurd with its colorful umbrella amidst the dust and wreckage, ready to be used as cover for an inevitable firefight. Infinity Ward enjoyed playing with the idea of fighting on recognizable home turf in Modern Warfare 2, and it’s running with that concept for this game as well.

Infinity Ward isn’t spilling many details on Modern Warfare 3’s plot, but the Russians still seem to be the key bad guys. In “Black Tuesday,” the player has to fight through a sea of enemies to get to Wall Street. He runs and guns alongside characters with names like Sandman and Grinch – the goofy kind of codenames that you’d expect your Call of Duty buddies to be burdened with.

  • this project was cursed from the start. If dice can get the word out about battlefield 3, they are definitely going to convert a lot of people and get some people to buy both. Yes, i just mentioned battlefield 3 for a modern warfare 3 article, get over it.
  • Spec Ops was a ton of fun with friends, I'm more interested in that than anything else.

  • As a Call of Duty game it will sell like hotcakes and be polished so I think the only problem is the possibility of a "Tony Hawk" problem in that consumers may tire of marginal improvements year after year and scores will start to go down. Hopefully this isn't the case since Activision is smart enough to give them two years of development time instead of just 1.
  • looks really cool. And i didn't expect anything groundbreaking considering its by an almost completely new team... like the idea of taking scopes on and off.
  • I'm inclined to think no, especially with multiple studios working on this game. Communication is an issue in a normal studio, I don't have faith that it'll go well with three involved. You've got two studios who have never worked on a main game in the franchise period, in Raven and Hammerhead, and a shell of the studio that made Call of Duty what it is today. I just can't, as a person who has worked on games himself, see this being a coherent experience with that type of set up. Couple that with the fact that, because of all the craziness surrounding the IW studio, they likely didn't make full use of the dev time they had for this game and you've officially made me worried about this game. It certainly can't help a studio whose last outing was completely broken on a number of occasions after bugs were found by players.

    Would I like to be pleasantly surprised? Yes, certainly. Do I think I will be? Not particularly at the moment.

    All the drama surrounding IW and the exodus of most of it's staff, along with a strong showing from DICE regarding Battlefield 3, has officially knocked this off my list of preorders. I likely won't even pick this up in the first month unless literally every person on my XBL Friends List gets it. Maybe not at all depending on how good BF3 is and how many gamebreaking bugs inhabit this installment.
  • Battlefield 3 may be better graphic-wise but its sales won't be anywhere near as good as those of MW3. Simply because its a remarkable brand, Infinity Ward bearing that in mind doesn't even bother to change the graphics since it has already won the contest. Sad but true, people will once again be overhyped thanks to the advertisements and flock to the shops just to get a copy once MW3 hits the shelves.

  • They'll do fine. It's the name that will sell. Plus with new heads in the team, they'll want to do whatever possible to outdo the previous guys. If anything, i'm renting or loaning from a buddy. Not buying it though. I have my eyes set on BF3.
  • After reading the second page of this preview, I was not surprised at all. Each COD after Cod 4 had that "been there done that" feeling anyway.

  • I for one am sick of this franchise. Marginal improvements every year do not make me want to drop $60 when there are so many better games coming out, such as Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, or Battlefield 3, but knowing the franchise's ludicrous sale records, it'll still end up doing fine. *Disdainful sigh*
  • I would rather Activision wait a year and make a new engine or something.
  • Multiplayer mode is all i care for.
  • Im still excited about this.

  • Eh. Same old ***. MW2 was the last COD game I'll ever purchase barring some major overhaul in the gameplay, which I think is probably never going to happen as long as it sells. MW2 was so overrated too.
  • I just hope they do some sort of beta.  MW2 and Blops both had issues on launch like hiding in walls and the Javelin glitch that probably would have been found in a beta.

    Beyond that I for some reason remember reading somewhere that they are going towards larger maps with destructible environments for the MP.  I wonder how the fans will take this.  In my experience one of the draws of CoD is the speed and ferocity of the game.  They run the risk of loosing this with larger maps.  Perhaps they scrapped this idea that's why it is not in the article.

  • The only new feature i see so far is The Scope on and off thing. Everything, is the same game we all have already played only in a different setting. Besides, everyone wants this game just for the multiplayer ( me, not included) no one really cares for the Single player campaign.
  • Hey, each time i complete mw 1 or 2, it leaves my wanting more of it. I don't care if it's the same graphics engine, I simply just can't get enough. And they'll enhance the game each year, and it's been going for '4 years i think? It would've gone out of buisness a loong time ago if people feel like it's the same thing. Everyone loves it, and aslong as they'll add a few new things into it, maps, campaign etc etc, I'm not the one to complain.
  • Im a big COD fan , and i have to be honest when reading this i was hoping for some big announcement of innovation and something new that would strike my eye. Now please understand that i will be picking up both BF3 and MW3 so its not a competition. I was hoping that COD got like some intense overhaul , but it just seems to be the same thing as last year which wasnt bad, just not "new" and im not trying to sound like some typical COD hater, its just that i dont want to be playing a "ok" single player story in which i only play once for the story and then i go back for the intel and play on Vet to get AChievments. I was hoping for a little bit of some sort of sandbox enviorments , in which from my memorie, the original IW had a lil with levels like the favela map and such. This sounds like a dramatic hallway shooter which im sure alot of us feel as though is kind of washed out. Though on the plus side, the thing with the sight on and off thing i like and feel as though they have immense potential to capitalize on with things such as more interaction with "your self". Possibly carrying alot of equipment during the single player campaign that you access when you feel as though you should: such as flares, smoke grenades , grenades ,secondary melee weapon besides the knife such as a shovel. Theres so much you can do, and i dont think there trying to do so. Multiplayer will definately need to be on another level for it to keep my interest,Ive been playing CoD's Mp since Cod 4 , I got to 10th prestige in MW2 and got tired of BLack Ops and only made it to 7th as i got very bored and tired of the same old , same old with the frustrating things that could happen. I have a much more tighter schedule in which i even play the game as school is more demanding with sports , I think they need to make it more appealing to those who may have jobs and dont have much time on their hands but are also seasoned vets who loved the grimy intense feeling of cod 4 instead of the more Hollywood masss explosions and constant gunfire. I think in order for them to make a better and great game , they need to attack more of the Hardcore audience's wishes instead of the little 12 year olds who mindlessly shoot people for over 12 hours or more. I play with a majority mature audience who have jobs and family's to attend to and COD is falling off their attention span if its just going to be the same thing. The crazy experience versus the serious,fun, tactical, greater use of gameplay mechanics,teamwork-based, skill taking , inteligence having, overall fun experiance is where i think alot of more older mature gamers will be leaning towards BF3. I my self loved games like rainbow six 2 and splinter cell and the thought of having a team tactically going against another to team to reach a goal in COD. In both MW2 and black ops, i just felt like a lone wolf just trying to get as many kills as i could with absolutely no interaction with my teamates(community needs to improve as well) unless if i knew them , and alot of time we were talking about things other then the game at hand. They need to listen to the more core community instead of the more commercial mainstream. This game really needs to surpass the expectations of those fans who have loved the franchise since the begining of it.
  • It's a bummer the West and Zampella are gone,  I hope MW3 isn't completely generic when release day hits us.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! im already seen enough with the latest reveal trailer that looks like if you took MW2 and only gave it a new background, lets not forget the linear gameplay on sigle player sooo without a doubt this game series has turned into the Sonic series every year the same thing

  • nope, they won't. cod games got dull after mw2
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