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  • Blog Post: Best Game Ever

    best game ever!! good campaign and fun multiplayer. More
  • Blog Post: New Game, Same Concepts, & A Need For Moderation

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 The Call of Duty experience throughout the series has been among my favorites annually. The single player campaigns have had those trademark Call of Duty moments that have made me sit back and say "Wow!". With the reinvention of the online multiplayer with Call... More
  • Blog Post: End Game. Modern Warfare 3

    It wasn't about Makarov, it wasn't about World War III, Russian terrorists, or The Four Horsemen. It was an epic, the epic, of Captain Price. When I first arrived at my friends house to play Modern Warfare 3 I was happy with it. Nothing over the top, just a game deserving an 85/100, probably... More
  • Blog Post: Campaign Fantastic, Multiplayer Supreme, Survival Madness = Great Game

    OK, this game is what you can expect if you played the previous Modern Warfares. When I heard the unveiling and reveal of the game, I was nervous because after the incomplete exodus of Infinity Ward that the game will not be as good as it should. But with Sledgehammer Games aiding them this time, they... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 3

    Finally, we figure out what happens to our heroes Price and Soap, along with a new addition, the former Spetsnaz Yuri. Since we all probably know how the story goes, atleast for the most part I will go straight into gameplay. Campaign: The Campaign is amazing, by far the best COD campaign I have ever... More
  • Blog Post: A Solid Sequel

    After the departure of most of the core team of Infinity Ward, people were skeptical of its chances at success. On top of that, with the release of Battlefield 3, gamers thought Call of Duty would get KO'd by the Battlefield series. I'm glad to say that Modern Warfare 3 improves upon the previous... More
  • Blog Post: Let down or Diamond in the rough?

    To say the least Modern Warfare 3 was a big let down to me. Starting right where you left off in the campaign you join Soap Price and Nikolai after killing Shepard. You retreat with Price to a resistance head quarters where you treat Soap for his wounds. I'll stop explaining the story there but lets... More
  • Blog Post: Back in Black?

    Concept The end of the world, world war 3, the resolution to the modern warfare events. This is where the setting takes us in MW3. A fluid concept and one that got all Call of Duty fans on their feet. What Battlefield 3 didn't give fans MW3 made up for it in Campaign. Graphics Flawless work and MW3... More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty is not going anywhere, and not in a good way.

    Call of Duty was a great series where innovation and wonderfully made campaigns and multiplayer came into one great package, and easily one of the best games in the industry. Sadly it got picked by Bobby's trend of milking every last cent of the game by releasing a new Call of Duty title every year... More
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