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  • Blog Post: Pushing the Wii to its limits (and then some)

    I always write long reviews, and now I'm sick of it. You want to know what MW3 is? See Game Informer's PS3 version review. This is about what they didn't cover, and what IGN did a bad job of covering. Want a professional review of the Wii version of this game? See . Well... More
  • Blog Post: Campaign Fantastic, Multiplayer Supreme, Survival Madness = Great Game

    OK, this game is what you can expect if you played the previous Modern Warfares. When I heard the unveiling and reveal of the game, I was nervous because after the incomplete exodus of Infinity Ward that the game will not be as good as it should. But with Sledgehammer Games aiding them this time, they... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 3-Still fun the third time around

    So when the whole Battlefield vs MW3 war was going on, I was way over on BF3's side. Like way, way over. Needless to say, I bought that and loved it. The only downfall? Only 3 of my friends bought it too, so I'd mostly game in solitude. Flash forward, my friend lets me borrow MW3 and I have a... More
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