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  • Blog Post: Best Game Ever

    best game ever!! good campaign and fun multiplayer. More
  • Blog Post: My Favorite Multiplayer Game Of All Time

    Ok ok ok ok, to get it straight my review is based soley off of mw3's supreme multiplayer experience. I've never had as much fun playing cod as I have any other game. The only reason I gave it a 9, was because it's almost completely the same as mw2, but its still amazing. More
  • Blog Post: Overall...Horrible

    First off, the campaign from Call of Duty has always been fun, over the top, and overall fun. However the formula is becoming tired and outplayed, I wasn't surprised or excited about anything in the campaign. When something happened in Modern Warfare 2 I was excited and wanted to find out the next... More
  • Blog Post: Campaign Fantastic, Multiplayer Supreme, Survival Madness = Great Game

    OK, this game is what you can expect if you played the previous Modern Warfares. When I heard the unveiling and reveal of the game, I was nervous because after the incomplete exodus of Infinity Ward that the game will not be as good as it should. But with Sledgehammer Games aiding them this time, they... More
  • Blog Post: MW3 review zzzxxxyyywwwvvvuuutttsss

    Its Very Fun But Not As Good As MW2 I Still Think Thats The Best Call Of Duty Game Though. Gameplay is good barely glitchy campaign is awesome spec ops is SO MUCH BETTER THAN IN MW2. More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare once again stumbles and fails to deliver.

    Modern Warfare was the best selling game on the 360 when it came out. It was a radical departure from the WW2 setting and quickly captured us all with its story,graphics, and more importantly, its multiplayer. Fast forward 4 years later and after 2 failures in the CoD franchise we have Modern Warfare... More
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