Yes, I'll admit it.  I loved MW2!!!  It's still one of the best corridor shooters out their!!!  I was kind of sad to see they choose to leave the MP9 out of the single player campaign for MW3....  I always loved the TMP in MW2....  Anyways, I enjoyed the single player campaign in MW3 every bit as much as the single player campaign in MW2.  I just played through the first level of MW3 a few days ago just to have a little fun with the "XM25- A.K.A. (The Game Changer)" and felt that familiar grin coming across my face....  ^_^  I just beat "Tomb Raider" recently and it brought that grin out more than any 3rd person shooter I've played to date.  When it comes to first person shooters "Fallout Vegas: Ultimate" remains the unchallenged open world grinning with a big gun and a box of ammo king!!!  Though when it comes to split-screen gaming, MW3's only competition is from "BorderLands: GOTYE" and "BorderLands 2".  Seeing as how neither can let you bring four people in front of your TV, that leaves "Halo 4".  I guess when it comes right down to it I refuse to pit these two against each-other because they're both a blast and have very different feels to them.  I'm still a MW3 man myself, for the quick kill & re-spawn game play.  Anyways, I had a blast with the game and the multi-player is amazing as always.  However, the addition of a survival mode and the return of  "Terminal" both made me smile.  Though I gotta say, I wish they'd brought "Rust" back instead....  That goes for "Black Ops: De-Classified" too, I mean they only had 6 levels and each with only one centralized structure.  It would have been a great level to bring back in either game....  So when all is said and done, if I'm looking to have a little fun in survival mode or play split-screen this is how I'll do it.  Though when it comes to Co-Op gaming I love "BorderLands: GOTYE" and "Borderlands: 2".  I've got to say though.  All three "MW" titles are worth a play through just for their single player campaigns!!!  I've been lucky enough to log a couple thousand hours on XBOX LIVE and while this wasn't in my top 5 online games list.  It definitely makes my top 5 offline games list in a heart-beat and is a series everyone should think about adding to their GamerScore!!!  ^_^