This review is going to be short. MW3 is the third installment in Infinity Ward's big budget Modern Warfare series. The game does nothing I havn't seen before and just seems like a DLC for MW2. MW3's 6 hour campaign is predictable and did nothing to make me "WOW", but it will keep entertained if you get bored of multiplayer.

MW3 introduces a new game mode called Survival in which you or a buddy fight wave after wave of enemies. Killing bad guys gives you money that can be spent on weapons, equipment, or perks that can be unlocked by leveling up. Spec Ops mode returns from MW2 and provides a fun thing to do with a friend.

The area that MW3 impresses most is multiplayer(as with all CoDs). Multiplayer is essentially the same as MW2, but with more weapons and maps. New game modes include Kill Confirmed where players collect dog tags from fallen enemies to gain points. Even with all the small editions to multiplayer I still felt a bit disappointed with the lack of innovation put into the game.

Overall I enjoyed MW3. I wouldn't say it was the best CoD but I will say it entertained me the most. If you do plan on getting this game I recommend you get Xbox Live with it to fully enjoy the game.

This is my first review so it might be pretty bad.