I love this game. Don't listen to all the haters. Many people look at the game while online. These people complain about lag and terrible spawns when it isn't the game. The lag is because of there internet and creating good spawn locations is not easy. So look at the game with everything in perspective. The campagine has a intense story that makes sense. The survival mode is very fun and challenging, and gives the player another way to play on there own or with a friend. The spec ops are also fun and grant a challenge for you alone or you and a buddy. Finally the multiplayer. Very good, yeah it lags ok so what that is because of the internet connection of the host or your internet. It's not the game, and yes the spawns are not the greatest but that is the fun of it they are really unpredictable which grants a challenge to every one. So all in all I think this game is very good. I would highly recommend this game to any FPS lover or COD fan.