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This is the most action packed heart pounding game i have ever played. If you have followed the story of this game you will understand. Lets not forget wonderful Spec Ops and the best Multiplayer i have ever played. If you love or even like shooter games buy this game you will love it.

  • I can mostly agree with your brief review. I personally enjoy the CoD series. Although, not as hardcore as most CoD fans but I enjoy them. From what I've experienced on the any of the CoD games. PS3 have a greater number of adults who are online. Although there are kids, there's just not as many.

    Now if you were to compare this to the 360, which is where i started. There's an excessive amount of noisy children on XBL. On top of that. A majority of them are either constant noob-toobers or hardcore spawn sniping campers.

    This flaw in the CoD series is the cause to drive people away from the series in a whole. Although I would recommend to the people who are privileged to own the PS3, 360,. and possibly a gaming PC. Try switching your game play to another Platform. Instead of completely giving up on the CoD series.

    That's my contribute to this review. Hopefully this helps other players no to give up on this great series.