Call of Duty has become one of the most beloved first person shooter franchises in the world. When Modern Warfare 2 was released, it sold approximately 4.7 million copies in the first day, making it the highest selling game on record. So what is it that makes Call of Duty such an incredible franchise? With this new installment, Sledgehammer Games have picked up the gauntlet to continue the storyline and improve the multiplayer from the previous Modern Warfare's.

Things aren't looking good for the world. Europe and North America are being devastated by the Russians, attacking due to events in the previous game. The story follows the perspective of different soldiers from different military groups. Their is "Frost", who is a member of the American Special Forces along with Sandman, Grinch and Truck and is focused primarily in America, England, and other parts of Europe. Their is "Yuri" , an ex Spetsnaz soldier working with the disavowed Task Force 141, along with Captain Price and Soap and travels through Africa and Russia. Their are also some other side characters you can play as. The story is engaging and you feel involved. The characters are likeable and the villains truly evil. The storyline is quite a thrilling ride.

The graphics haven't all changed that much from the previous game. Although they seem dated they still are pretty to look at and the textures blend in effectively. The animations for character movement haven't changed meaning if you have played the previous game you will easily be able to predict your enemies movements, making it very easy, even on veteran. Despite this the game does look beautiful but not enough that you will stop moving and look in awe.

The sound hasn't changed much either. The soundtrack is intense and is right where it needs to be but you won't really notice it considering how fast paced this game is. The gun noises and grenade sounds are unchanged from its predecessor, making it seem the sound developers were a bit scared of tampering with the sound design. 

The game is very fast paced in every mode, whether it be single-payer, multiplayer or special ops. The gameplay is very engaging and it is easy to learn. However, it doesn't distinguish itself from other first person shooters, especially its predecessors. Even all the new guns feel oddly familiar. You will find that you will get bored of the campaign after your first play-through, something I think could have been improved on. You will eventually get bored of this game entirely. 

Call of Duty multiplayer has always been addictive and with some new features it continues to reinforce that addiction. The new "Call of Duty Elite", is a membership which gives players access to new multiplayer maps as well as access to competitions and events. If you put in the effort you can turn your multiplayer avatar into a powerful war veteran. You have access to fully customisable classes including weapons, perks and grenades. The prestige option has also returned from Modern Warfare 2. The game also includes new modes such as "Survival", which is a horde mode, where you can face over one hundred waves of enemies. This is what defines Call of Duty. The multiplayer is very fun.


Though mostly just copy and pasted from Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 is a decent addition to the franchise which could use some room for improvement, but it is still a terrifically fun game.


Also since this is my first review, please leave some feedback and constructive criticism so I can improve my reviews. 

- Lolfox1019