Modern Warfare 3 was a little bit of a disappointment to me but that's because I loved the first Modern Warfare and really liked MW2. MW3 is easily the weakest entry in the series in my opinion. There are many different thoughts out there about the MW games, but I feel like Infinity Ward has still made some great games in the Call of Duty series. I think MW3 is close to being one of them. 


I really liked the single player campaign. Spotting the Statue of Liberty in the distance and seeing New York in ruins is something that I will never forget. It's like Fallout without the mutants. The set pieces were not surprising at all but some of them were pretty cool. The collapse of the Eiffel Tower was a shocker, as well as the short level where you control a husband carrying a camcorder (that level really pushed my "going too far" button). The final level is awesome. The campaign is way too short, as several people have pointed out (seriously, it just annoys me to hear it at this point). I know that Infinity Ward has defended themselves on this multiple times, but with games like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Bioshock 2, Borderlands, Gears of War 3, and the upcoming Mass Effect 3 out there with solid and lengthy single player campaigns and multiplayer, there is really no excuse for it. Even the s#!tfest Duke Nukem Forever has a pretty long campaign, and it has multiplayer. I know all about different styles/graphics/whatever, but all of that has nothing to do with making a game better. It's up to the developer to make that choice.


The multiplayer had some work done on it but it really feels like a lazy effort on Infinity Ward's part. It certainly is not that different from the multiplayer in the previous MW games. It has some new features but Infinity Ward did not make any major changes. Even so, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I still like the multiplayer a lot. What I don't like is the excess of racism/profanity/idiocy that I hear coming from other players. It's because of this dumbness that I refuse to play any CoD game with my headset on. I know that Infinity Ward has addressed this issue by enforcing the 5000 day bans, but unfortunately every dumba$$ can't be singled out. There is not a single person who will disagree with me when I say that it makes the multiplayer experience less enjoyable. Seriously, some of these people should just shut the fʊ©k up.


Spec Ops makes its return as well and it's…not that good. It's almost exactly like MW2's was. The only difference is really the maps. I enjoyed playing some of the levels co-op with my friends to begin with but I got bored very quickly, mainly because I'VE SEEN THIS STUFF BEFORE. To top it off, there are only 48 stars to gain this go-around instead of the 68 featured in MW2, which I consider a downgrade. There is one thing that I have to give enormous praise to, though, and that is the new Survival mode. I've played it several times with a couple of my friends and it hasn't gotten old yet.


Infinity Ward needs to make some changes to the Call of Duty formula. If they do not, the games are going to get worse with each release. That is a history lesson that any franchise can learn from. Infinity Ward needs to look at what SEGA is doing with the Sonic the Hedgehog series and…not do that. It's not rocket science, Infinity Ward. Make the single player campaign longer. 12 hours is not too much to ask. Tone it down on the set pieces. Rethink and redo the multiplayer. Add something new to Spec Ops. Add something new SOMEWHERE. I can visualize the perfect Call of Duty game but unfortunately I cannot make that game or I would. I don't have the skills to make that game. Infinity Ward, however, does. MW3 is not that game, but it's still a pretty *** good game.