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I am going to be starting a series of gun comparisons and other MW2 tips. If you have any suggestions just comment and I will try to compare them I can compare almost any guns except LMG's (don't like them) but if that your thing I can tell u which are best. These will include perks which if changed may alter results.

M16A4 vs. FAMAS


1. Your choice

2. Stopping power

3. Your choice

M16A4- Higher power, lower accuracy, less cluttered view

FAMAS-Lower power, higher accuracy, higher fire rate

Both/Same- 3 round burst, clip size, 60 bullets in reserve, range

Some people say the M16 is automatically better because it is higher power but the power doesn't make a difference because of the lower accuracy. The lower accuracy often causes you to only hit the enemy with 1-2 of the bullets resulting in a hit marker.  The FAMAS having a higher accuracy and fire rate more often will put all 3 bullets into the enemy resulting in a one hit kill (one pull of the trigger).

These are the facts and I will decide for you or say one is better than the other but I will give you my recommendations.


I recommend the FAMAS because more often it will get you a one hit kill and is more accurate.