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[Weapon Guide] Assault Rifles

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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[Weapon Guide] Assault Rifles

You have a wide selection of assault rifles, you have semi autos, 3 round burst, or fully auto.


The only semi-auto gun is the FAL, it is a solid gun with (of course) excellent accuracy, and good power. It is a good gun for picking people off long range, the problems start when you run into medium close to close quarters, the hip is ridiculously wide, and you do not want to waste your barf colored perk on steady aim.

FN-FAL is a 7/10

3 Round Burst

Your choices are the Famas or the M16, both guns are excellent choices. if you are trigger happy you can almost unload as fast as a full automatic weapon. and with 3 rounds it keeps the recoil from becoming out of control. The Famas has slightly less recoil so it overall does more damage at long range. but the stats do not lie, and hp for hp the m16 dominates in close quarters and medium.

Famas 9.25/10

M16 9.5/10

Fully Automatic

The rest of your choices are fully auto, and i will break them into 2 groups. one has a high rate of fire with low recoil but low damage. the other have high damage higher recoil and a lower rate of fire. I will start with your first option.


The guns in this category are the: M4A1, ACR, and F2000

Overall the ACR is the best choice due to fact is has by far the lowest recoil, virtually none. It makes short work of enemies far away , and is probably the biggest threat to snipers at a long distance. I heard my fair share of "WTF!" and "OMFG!" after i kill a sniper from a very long ways away. The M4A1 is also a solid choice, i like it because you start with it, is has low recoil, though there is some. We finally come to the F2000, ill be honest, it is a piece of crap. It does almost no damage, and its recoil i actually pretty bad. The red dot is very confusing also, it does not go off during an EMP, but EMP's are rare enough that it does not matter. And to boot you get it at level 60!

ACR is a 9.25

M4A1 is a 8.5

F2000 is a 4


Onto the latter of the two types of full-autos. The guns in this variety are: TAR-21 and AK47


The AK47 is the better of the two, but not by a lot. The main difference is the side sway, the AK has no side sway, the TAR-21's main problem IS its side sway. It makes the gun very inaccurate unless you fire in short bursts, that said, it tears enemies apart. The AK's main downside is that you unlock it at level 70. Other than that it is almost impeccable. The recoil (though there is some) it has low and it kills enemies in 2 bullets with stopping power (in the chest).

AK47 is a 9.5/10

TAR-21 is a 8.75/10



The scar is in a class of its own, it has almost no recoil and it kills enemies in 2 bullets without stopping power in the chest. It is simply way overpowered. People say its not due the fact that it has only a total of 60 bullets, well i say screw it. It doesn't matter if you can kill some one in 1 bullet to the torso/head with stopping power. Also ammo problems are now obsolete if you have scavenger. It is overall a perfect weapon, and i advise it for people who are new to the COD franchise.

SCAR-H is a perfect 10/10


Well that is my first review if you like it let me know. I'm the CODMaster and I am out. Next up is a SMG guide and that'll be up ASAP